Quarterly Market Reports


Recycled Diamond & Diamond Jewelry Quarterly Market Reports

Q4, 2021


What a fourth quarter and year that turned out to be. 

Based on anecdotal evidence from customers and friendly competitors, the industry, for the most part, had a great year. 

Since I started in the trade in 1997, I have not known the industry to be in such a robust and positive state with every participant seemingly happy! 

Positive sentiment is tremendous for the industry, success breeds success. The increase in jewelry sales is its own form of advertising. People see their friends buying and wearing and are thus inspired to buy for themselves. However, good times don’t last forever and the industry should ride this wave as long and as best it can. It must build up its balance sheets and collective financial strength to be strong for many years to come. 

The recycled diamonds segment was no exception, performing very strongly in Q4. Prices were up in the secondary market and goods were transacting at auction with a 15-30% premium compared to previous quarters. Based on that, now is an extremely advantageous time to sell off or re-purpose accumulated diamond stock. Read the full report for a detailed breakdown of data and trends in the recycled diamond industry. 

Enjoy the Q4 recycled diamond & jewelry report and you can view the Q3, 2021 report here.

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