About White Pine

About White Pine Wholesale LLC

In some spare office space in Midtown New York, Benjamin Burne established White Pine in 2010. Ben put together a team with an aim to revolutionize the diamond industry‚Äôs use of recycled diamond. His business plan, character and organizational skills attracted interest from outside investors and White Pine was able to raise significant money to invest in recycled diamonds.

The company grew quickly, recruiting buyers around the country and buying recycled diamonds, estate jewelry and fine jewelry from diamond and jewelry trade participants around the United States and in the United Kingdom.

In 2019 Ben split from his old company and business partners, bought the rights to the White Pine name and moved on from the past. White Pine refocused on its original mission of revolutionizing the perception and use of recycled diamond.

The company trades certified recycled diamonds, melee diamond, calibrated melee, estate jewelry and fine diamond jewelry. White Pine buys unwanted and previously owned natural recycled diamond from the trade, sorts the diamond into standardized diamond assortments, recuts diamond to feed into tightly calibrated diamond assortments, GIA certified diamond and recycled diamond jewelry for distribution to jewelry retailers, pawnbrokers and designers in the US.

The company offers a range of services for the diamond industry including diamond recutting, diamond sorting, diamond bagging, jewelry stone setting, diamond education, diamond testing, consulting and jewelry appraisals to businesses within the jewelry industry as well as financial services companies. Ben is always willing to share his knowledge with anyone in the trade who is interested in the business side of recycled diamonds.

White Pine is a well-capitalized business, with an outstanding reputation in the industry. Looking to be recognized as the leading diamond company in the niche area of recycled diamonds.

To learn more about White Pine contact Benjamin Burne at bburne@whitepinediamonds.com